1. Effect of exposure to sub-lethal potassium cyanide on growth rate, survival rate, and histopathology in juvenile heteroclarias (heterobranchus longifilis x clarias gariepinus)
Donald Chukwudi Aniche, Femi Victor Oluwale, Bright Ogechi Ogbolu

2. Distribution and detection of megalocytivirus in ornamental fishes in thailand
Puttharat Baoprasertkul, Nudthapol Kaenchan

3. Energy transfer in bang-tabun bay from the primary producers to primary consumers
Monissa Srisomwong, Shettapong Meksumpun, Tada Kuninao, Charumas Meksumpun

4. Fish species around fish aggregating devices and other floating objects used for tuna purse seine fishing in the eastern indian ocean
Watcharapong Chumchuen, Prasit Luesrithawornsin, Aekkarat Wongkeaw

5. Reducing fertilization rate and nitrogen input have no effect on nile tilapia production in periphyton-based culture with supplemental feeding
Wirat Jiwyam, Ratchaneegorn Mapanao, Nudtha Nithikulworawong

6. Effect of physicochemical parameters and phytoplankton composition on growth performance of green mussel (perna viridis) in ambong bay and marudu bay, sabah, malaysia
Ong Fang Sing, Julian Ransangan