1. Status of trash fish from bottom trawl fishery and utilization in myeik township, tanintharyi region, myanmar
Arkar Myo, Thanitha Darbanandana, Anukorn Boutson, Methee Kaewnern

2. Patterns of element concentrations and heavy metal accumulations in edible seaweed, gracilaria fisheri (xia and abbott) abbott, zhang and xia (gracilariales, rhodophyta) cultivation in southern thailand
Phi Thi Nguyen, Rapeeporn Ruangchuay, Chokchai Lueangthuwapranit

3. Efficacy of adjuvanted streptococcus agalactiae vaccine by montanide isa 763 a vg in nile tilapia (oreochromis niloticus linn.)
Supawan Tepparin, Sasimanas Unajak, Ikuo Hirono, Hidehiro Kondo, Nontawith Areechon

4. Stakeholder perception of coral reef management policy implementation along the eastern coast of thailand
Sarawut Siriwong, James D Trues

5. Changes of chlorophyll a in an intertidal bangtaboon estuary in relation to tidal driven salinity and nutrients
Khanitta Buakaew, Charumas Meksumpun, Shettapong Meksumpun, Chakhrit Ruengsorn, Patrawut Thaipichitburapa, Pichasit Sangmek

6. Genetic diversity of symbiodiniaceae associated with porites lutea and pocillopora damicornis in the gulf of thailand inferred from nucleotide sequences of internal transcribed spacer-2
Anchalee Chankong, Narinratana Kongjandtre, Wansuk Senanan, Vipoosit Manthachitra