1. Morphology and anatomy of corallimorpharian metarhodactis aff. boninensis from thailand
Sahabhop Dokkaew, Chatcharee Kaewsuralikhit, Yasuaki Takagi and Wara Taparhudee

2. Effects of n6-(2-isopentenyl) adenine (2ip) on the growth of tropical seagrass enhalus acoroides after germination
Pattama Tongkok, Prasart Kermanee and Chatcharee Kaewsuralikhit

3. The effect of different feed types on the growth rate and biochemical composition of the marine ciliate, euplotes sp.
Woraporn Tarangkoon, Nopparat Mahae and Suwat Tanyaros

4. Economic and marketing capability improvement for small scale aquaculture farmers through community organizations
Kulapa Kuldilok, Ruangrai Tokrisna and Kulapa Boonchowong

5. Effects of physical barriers on genetic variation of populations of stone lapping minnow, garra cambodgiensis (tirant, 1884), in wa river, nan province, thailand
Chaowalee Jaisuk and Wansuk Senanan

6. The role of middle persons as a distribution channel for small-scale marine capture fishery products: case study in rayong province, thailand
Rattana Tiaye, Miyata Tsutom, Mina Hori, Sumitra Ruangsivakul, Jariya Sornkliang and Thanyalak Suasi