1. Growth performance, genetic diversity and morphometric traits of an introduced wild and hatchery population of clarias macrocephalus g?ther, 1864
Delfina A. Muiocha, Saowalak Onming, Uthairat Na-Nakorn

2. Identification and characterization of potential probiotic bacillus spp. for application in striped catfish (pangasianodon hypophthalmus [sauvage, 1878])
Ho Thi Truong Thy, Nguyen Huu Thinh, Nguyen Nhu Tri, Ong Moc Quy, Korntip Kannika, Sasimamas Unajak, Nontawith Areechon

3. Small-scale squid large cast-net fisheries during waxing and waning moon phases in the klongwan coastal area, prachuap khiri khan province,thailand
Wasana Arkronrat, Anukom Boutson, Suriyan Tunkijjanukij

4. Socio-economics and cage culture practices of red tilapia (tab tim) at the taasarn-bangpla canal, nakhon pathom province, thailand
Suchart Ingthamjitr, Natthaphong Paankhao, Waleerat Lueangtongkham, Kamonchanok Oopariktatipong