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2. Study on the quality of instant noodles made from riau local corn flour and sago starch
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3. Effect of bioregulators and removal method on bloom return and fruiting in cactus pear
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5. Assessment of the sustainability of urban water and water demand management by using geo-information technology for the core vientiane municipality, vientiane capital, lao pdr
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7. Product development of sweet fermented rice (khoa-mak) supplemented with red yeast rice
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8. Bionomics of the australian hawk moth, theretra laterillii lucasii (walker) (lepidoptera: sphingidae)
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9. Yoghurt production from germinated native black rice (maepayatong dum rice)
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10. Morphological and physiological responses of torch ginger[etlingera elatior (jack) r.m. smith] to paclobutrazol application
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12. Efficacy of new herbal shampoos from garcinia dulcis kurz, citrus aurantium l. and eucalyptus globulus labill as pediculicides for head lice (pediculus humans capitis) control
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