1. Participatory knowledge management process of agricultural officers of local administrative organizations and rice farmer groups in tak
Chalida Tooksoon

2. Farmer’s satisfactions of kdml 105 rice production by good agricultural practice in mahasarakham province
Phanthiwa Kwang-Ngoen and Budsara Limnirankul

3. Fresh goat meat (chevon) in the market: tracing and understanding the supply chain in central luzon region, philippines
Porciuncula, Fe L. and Padilla, Janet N.

4. How well do hat yai, thailand urban gardeners meet their aims?
Troy Santos, Somyot Thungwa, and Kobchai Worrapimphong

5. Effect of lighting control on productive performance and carcass quality of broilers
Jeeraphun Thatree and Suphalucksana Wichai

6. Species diversity and distribution of fishes in pranburi river, phetchaburi province and prachuap khirikhan province
Petsut Nidsaraporn, Kulabtong Sitthi and Petsut Jirawaeth

7. Efficiency of trichoderma spp. from carabao manure as compost activator and utilization of organic fertilizer produced in pechay and lettuce production
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8. Laboratory and greenhouse assays of phosphate solubilizing rhizobacteria to improve growth of falcataria moluccana seedling
Suliasih and Sri Widawati

9. Isolation, characterization and identification of plant growth promoting rhizobacteria
Editha V. Evangelista, Florida C. Garcia, and Jayvee A. Cruz

10. Genetic analysis of guava germplasm using aflp markers
Kriengsak Thaipong, Suthin Promchot, Anyamanee Auvuchanon and Unaroj Boonprakob

11. Isolation and screening of cellulolytic fungi from spent mushroom substrates
Pornsil Seephueak, Chiyasit Preecha, Wuttichai Seephueak

12. Chemically-produced copper, zinc nanoparticles and chitosan–bimetallic nanocomposites and their antifungal activity against three phytopathogenic fungi
Fahad A. Al -Dhabaan, Tahsin Shoala, Abdallah A. M. Ali, Mennatu lla Alaa and Kamel Abd -Elsalam

13. Seed bio priming as biological approach for controlling root rot soil born fungi on soybean (glycine max l.) plant
Mona, M.M. Ragab, Ashour A.M.A, R.S.R. El - Mohamedy, Morsy , A.A and Hanafy,E.K.