1. Developing social-ecological resilience indicators of organic rice production through integrating resilience theories with social sciences’ disciplines
Chaiteera Panpakdee, Budsara Limnirankul

2. Fungal pathogens affecting seedlings of gmelina arborea roxb and tectona grandis l.f. and effect of three plant extracts
Anuagasi, C. L; Onuorah, J. A. and Okigbo, R.N.

3. A comparison of the effects of mangrove ecosystems (disturbed and undisturbed) on the populations of birds and fishes at hope beach, east coast demerara, region 4, guyana
Kavita Dookram, Sirpaul Jaikishun, Abdullah Adil Ansari and Diana Seecharran

4. Promotion of upland rice (oryza sativa l.) growth by endophytic bacteria isolated from nipa palm (nypa fruticans)
Ann Jhudeil C. Santos and Jayvee A. Cruz

5. Impact of plant growth regulators on the growth and yield of cotton
Reema Vistro, Q.I. Chachar, S.D. Chachar, N.A. Chachar, Aziz Laghari, Sarang Vistro and Irum Kumbhar

6. Germination and seedling growth of soybean under the impact of seed soaking with fertigrain start (amino acid product) and water
Shahzore Nizamani, Muhammad Nawaz Kandhro and Qamaruddin Chachar

7. Antioxidant and antibacterial activities against food pathogenic and spoilage bacteria by hibicus sabdariffa l. (roselle) extract
Montinee Teerarak, Chamroon Laosinwattana, Pussadee Tangwatcharin and Komkhae Pilasombut

8. First record of okra leafhopper, amrasca biguttula biguttula ishida on okra in iraq
Mayes N. Al-Hamdany and Hameed H. Al-Karboli

9. Color attraction of the crepuscular hawk moth (nephele hespera) (lepidoptera: sphingidae)
Danarun S., Suvarin Bumroongsook and Saen Tigvattananont

10. Chemical composition and antifeedant activity ofessential oils from eucalyptus camaldulensis andcallistemon viminalis on tribolium confusum
Fatemeh Hamzavi and Saied Moharramipour

11. The study of seasonal and climate changes on macrofungi biodiversity in the community forest at sai yok district, kanchanaburi province, thailand
Thanawat Sutjaritvorakul, Wachirapond Permpoonsinsup, Pranee Srigobue and Amorn Koomsubsiri

12. Efficiency of pelargonium graveolens and gaultheria procumbens essential oils and their formulations on tetranychus urticae (acari: tetranychidae) and two predatory phytoseiid mites
Fatma S. A. Mohamed; Sanaa A. A. Amer; Elham. A. Sammour; Zakeya E. A. arwish; Hoda, E. Hussein and Marwa E. El-Desouky