1. Screening for plant extract, antagonistic microorganism and fungicides to control ganoderma boninense caused stem rot of oil palm in vitro
Chaisit Preecha, Wethi Wisutthiphaet and Pornsil Seephueak

2. New record of phakopsora arthuriana on jatropha curcas l. in thailand
Sukanya Haituk, Ratchadawan Cheewangkoon and Chaiwat To - anun

3. Controlling lettuce leaf spot disease using antagonistic yeasts
Pongsak Kham-un, Ratchadawan Cheewangkoon and Chaiwat To - a nun

4. Detection of tobacco mosaic virus in petunia and tobacco cells using inclusion body staining
Khamphirapaeng , P., Cheewangkoon , R., McGovern, R. J., Wong, S. M. and To - Anun, C.

5. Evaluation of carbendazim resistance levels of botrytis cinerea causing gray mold of grape in chiang mai province, northern thailand
Mekwilai , T. and Nalumpang , S.

6. Effect of three tropical african plants on some fungal rot of stored cocoyam (colocasia esculenta l)
Okigbo, R.N. and Nnadiri, P.C.

7. Controlling anthracnose of passion fruit by antagonistic yeast
Pingchai, P., Ratchadawan Cheewangkoon, McGovern, R.J. and Chaiwat To-Anun

8. Controlling powdery mildew disease of craterostigma pumilum hochst. ornamental plant
Nateekarn Tammasorn, Nuchjaree Wanasiri , Warunya Kuntasup, Ratchadawan Cheewangkoon, Robert J. McGovern and Chaiwat To-Anun

9. Rule based approach to determine nutrient deficiency in paddy leaf images
M. V. Latte, Sushila Shidnal and B.S. Anami

10. No burning sugarcane trashes makes sugarcane production - net carbon sequestering
Teodoro C. Mendoza

11. Nutrient dynamics evaluation in utilization of household greenhouse module for hydroponic production of mint (mentha arvensis l.)
Jennifer C. Mojica, Dr. Evaristo A. Abella and Dr. Chito F. Sace

12. Effect of banana ripeness and puffing temperature on puffed banana qualities and drying time
Surapit Tabtiang and Somkiat Prachayawarakon