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3. Use of ultra-light uav drones in agriculture: analys , monitoring and control
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15. Use of leaf physiological traits as adaptability indicators for screening chili-pepper genotypes during the multi-site testing
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22. A comparative study of sweet corn yields by the different corn top cutting methods
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27. Fungal metabolites from chaetomium brasiliense to inhibit fusarium solani
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30. Efficiency of material types of box fences to prevent rat damage in oil palm plantations
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31. Factors affecting rice seed production of farmers in sakon -nakhon province, thailand
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32. The effects of uv radiation on morphology of cadamine lyrata
Sakularat Sanputawong, Tiwa Raknim and Sorapong Benchasri

33. Identification of resistant sources of finger millet against pyricularia grisea sacc
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34. Seasonal density and diversity of insect decomposers in three forest types of sakaerat environmental research station, thailand
Watcharaporn Tantipanatip, Nathawut Thanee and Sarawee Aroon

35. Scraps no more: fruit wastes for benefits of plants and animals
Cynthia Cervero Divina

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Tatik Suteky and Dwatmadji

39. Influence of climate, litter quality and soil macrofauna decomposers on litter decomposition in dry dipterocarp and dry evergreen forests in northeastern thailand
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40. Performance of the beef cattle cooperative in the land reform: a case of pang sila thong cooperative, thailand
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41. Grazing behavior of bali cattle and plant species in relation to cattle-oil palm integration system
Dwatmadji and Tatik Suteky

42. Comparison on energy use in thai native chicken and nile tilapia productions in nakhon ratchasima province, thailand
Natthakittiya Paiboon, Nathawut Thanee, Panisara Vichiratanatrakul, Watcharaporn Tantipan atip and Prayong Kiratiurai

43. Abundance and seasonal distribution of the penaeid shrimps in the outer songkhla lake of thailand
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44. Evaluation of the phytochemical, antioxidant and cytotoxic properties of tungog (ceriops tagal), a philippine mangrove species
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45. Comparison of catch sizes and reproductive biology of mud crab species of the genus scylla, coexisting populations in the eastern gulf of thailand
S . Koolkalya, U. Matchakuea and T. Jutagate

46. Evaluation of antioxidant, cytotoxic activities and total phenolic content from leaf extracts of phlogacanthus pulcherrimus
Supattra Poeaim, Prussawat Lordkhem, Patchanee Charoenying and Pornchai Laipasu

47. Cytotoxic property and influence in the estrous cycle of mus musculus and mating behavior of danio rerio of tinospora rumphii boerl. extract
Hezekiah Mirielle P. Aguinaldo, Gene Beniece B. Limos and Cynthia C. Divina

48. Survey and biotype identification of whitefly, bemisia tabaci transmitting tomato leaf curl virus in andhra pradesh, india
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49. The effects of land use change and climate change on water resources in the eastern region of thailand
Phattraporn Soytong, Kannika Janchidfa, Narathip Phengphit , Suchart Chayhard and Ranjith Perera

50. The study of community water management : case study of nongphon village, kudkhonkaen sub-district, phuwiang district, khonkaen province, thailand
Songvoot Sangchan and Rachaya Tarakultip