1. Managing food security policies in kenya: a case study of thailand’s corporate outlook in the agricultural sector
Edith A. Oketch, Pithoon Thanabordeekij

2. Assessing the impact of exchange rate on major agricultural export commodities of thailand
Chalermpon Jatuporn, Patana Sukprasert, Wanvilai Chulaphan and Supajit Sriariyawat

3. Awareness and attitude of extension agents toward problem solving method
Nozar Monfared and Somayeh Tohidyan Far

4. Research to produce biological products of chaetonium to control fungal diseases on tea, coffee and rubber
Nguyen Huu La, Nguyen Van Thiep and Kasem Soytong

5. Study on dna degradation by natural herbicide from tagetes erecta l. during amaranthus spp. seed germination
Nguyen Thi Tham, Chamroon Laosinwattana, MontineeTeerarak and Siriporn Sripinyowanich

6. Liquid smoke toxicity characteristic from raw materials variation production with different temperature and concentration level
I Ketut Budaraga,Arnim,Yetti Marlida,UsmanBulanin

7. Impact of some pollen substitutes in liquid form on the biological activities of honey bee colonies
Abd El-Wahab, T.E.and Ghania, A.M.M

8. Comparison of polyunsaturated fatty acid and fat-soluble vitamins content of cooked shad (alosa immaculata)
Merdzhanova, A., Dobreva, D.A., Makedonski, L.

9. Detrashing sugarcane stalks : the 1st critical step to the shift to organic farming in sugarcane production
Teodoro C. Mendoza ,Vincent M. Acuna, Dorotea Delos Santos , Pablito Sandoval

10. Diversity of postharvest pathogenic fungi of green bean pods in egypt
Ali, I.N.M.; Heba.M.EL-Nabi.; Khalil, M.I.I.; El-Gamal , Nadia,G.; EL-Mohamedy, R.S.R.; Abd El-kareem, F. and Khalil, M .S .A.

11. Alternaria alternata infection in tomato adversely affects the nutritional parameters of tomato
Arti Tiwari and Ram Sanmukh Upadhyay

12. Effect of weather parameters on blue pine (pinus wallichiana j.) needle blight and ascospore release of lophodermium pinastri in india
F.A. Ahanger, Gh. Hassan Dar, M.A. Beig, T.A. Sofi and S.A. Ganie

13. Effects of materials used for storage on physical and chemical properties of rice
Chanyarin Somporn, Preeyaporn Bangnoo, Warangkana Srichamnong

14. Effect of seed priming with salicylic acid on seed germination and seedling growth of broad bean (vicia faba l)
Mona. H. Soliman, Rawan S., Al-Juhani, Mawaddah A., Hashash and Fatimah M., Al—Juhani

15. Effect of storage time on some quality parameters of calamondin (citrus madurensis lour.) squash stored at room temperature
W. Nonmuang, S. Pongsumran, and N. Mongkontanawat

16. Changes of anthocyanins, total phenolic contents and antioxidant activity in black plum (syzygium cumini skeels) juice, during local can processing
Rawinipa Srimoon

17. Sugarcane farm mechanization is the solution. what are the problems ?
Teodoro C. Mendoza