1. Opinions about environmental study acitivities of students at the learning center on living agriculture (lcla), praibueng wittayakom school, srisaket
Heejung Kim, Poungsuk Pakkapong and Saduak Wattana

2. Diversity, prevalence and benefits use of trees in the primary and high schools in thong song district, nakhon si thammarat province, thailand
Wattana Na Nakorn, Jumluang Hatthong and Supawadee Hatsaponpan

3. Asean economic community- opportunity and feasibilities of thailand’s rubber industry investment
Suthee Intraskul, Buncha Somboonsuk

4. Design and improvement the efficiency of wind turbines for agricultural ourposes and electricity generation in a low-wind area
Benya Kasantikul

5. Reuse of wastewater for crop production- effects on macronutrients content of celosia argentea vegetable
Idowu D.O; Abegunrin T.P; Adejumobi M.A. and Onifade, T.B

6. A study of partial replacement of cement with palm oil fuel ash in concrete production
Oyejobi, D. O., Abdulkadir, T. S. and Ahmed, A. T.

7. Identification of molecular markers for drip loss trait in thai commercial pork
Sayamon Nitipongsuwan, Supamit Mekchay and Pantaporn Supakankul

8. Genetic relationships of myrothecium roridum isolated from water hyacinth in thailand using issr markers and its sequence analysis
Orawan Piyaboon, Arm Unartngam, Jintana Unartngam

9. Toxicity of five herbal extracts against head louse in vitro
Mayura Soonwera

10. Rearing honey bee queens in, apis mellifera l. colonies during the activity season of oriental wasps vespa orientalis l.
Yasser E. Elenany and Asmaa E. Abdallah

11. Physicochemical, pasting, cooking and textural quality characteristics of some basmati and non-basmati rice varieties grown in india
Ritika .B Yadav, Satnam Malik & Baljeet S. Yadav

12. Identification of colletotrichum acutatum and screening of antagonistic bacteria isolated from strawberry in chiang mai, thailand
Athidtaya Kumvinit and Angsana Akarapisan

13. Two new bottle gourd fruit rot causing pathogens from sub-himalayan west bengal
Arnab Saha, Shibu Das, Prosenjit Chakraborty, Bikram Saha, Dipanwita Saha and Aniruddha Saha

14. Effect of weather parameters on blue pine (pinus wallichiana j.) needle blight and ascospore release of lophodermium pinastri in india
F. A. Ahanger, Gh. Hassan Dar, M.A. Beig, T.A. Sofi and S.A.Ganie

15. Evaluation of selected seed treatment methods for the control of fusarium graminearum and f. avenaceum on wheat seeds
Kena Mapotso Anna

16. Isolation & identification of indigeneous microbial bioagents strains from meghalaya & in vitro evaluation of antagonistic properties against common fungal phytopathogens
Majaw, S. P., Khonglah, D, Kayang, H. and Rao, M. S.

17. Increasing sri-organic rice yields through double rows planting pattern and using location and season adapted rice cultivar
Teodoro C. Mendoza

18. Traditional nutritional attributes of native flora of the southwest coast of india
M. Pavithra, K.R. Sridhar and K. Keshavachandra

19. Effect of various planting media on growth of thao yai mom (tacca leontopetaloides ktze.)
B. Wiangsamut and M. Koolpluksee