1. Farmers needs for advise appropriate pesticide application from sellers in roi et province
Poonpavee Khetwichan and Ruth Sirisunyaluck

2. Cost management strategy for small and medium enterprises in rubber industries, upper southern region, thailand
S. Preecha, P. Junnim, U. Sondee, C. Tongumpa, P. Polsongkram, C. Ranglek, T. Suriyaworg

3. Sustainable development of finance, accounting and marketing for producing of sangyod muang phatthalung rice (gi rice) in phatthalung
Unchalee Sondee, Sukanya Preecha, Supaporn Chairat, Chulin Thong-ampa, Panwajee Jannim, Chalermkiat Ranglek, Thanatcha Suriyawong

4. Insecticidal efficacy of essential oil from cinnamomum zeylanicum blume and its two major constituents against callosobruchus maculatus (f.) and sitophilus oryzae (l.)
Jyotika Brari and D.R. Thakur

5. Effects of schizochytrium sp. on growth performance and survival rate of giant freshwater prawn , macrobrachium rosenbergii
Chanpim Kangpanich and Wansuk Senanan

6. Possibility of freshwater red algae as bioindicator for water quality of streams in nakhon si thammarat
Wanninee, Chankaew, Amporn Sakset, Suriya Chankaew and Shigeru Kumano

7. Seed-borne fungi of some peanut varieties from hadhramout and abyan governorates in yemen
Mohamed Othman Al-Amod

8. First record of core rot disease on apple fruit cv. anna 106 local cultivar in egypt
El-Mohamedy R. S. Riad and El-Sayed H . Ziedan

9. Chaetomium spp. as biocontrol potential to control tea and coffee pathogens in vietnam
Nguyen Van Thiep and Kasem Soytong

10. Laboratory evaluation of chitin synthesis inhibitor lufenuron in individuals mortality of subterannean termite microcerotermes diversus at different temperatures
Radhi F. Al-Jassany

11. Direct regeneration of shoot from axillary bud of citrus reticulate
Shende CB and Manik SR