1. Satisfaction toward on agricultural extension by social media of phokaruna co., ltd. in chiang mai
Amnart Phokaruna and Ruth Sirisunyaluck

2. Guidelines for capacity building in weavers community enterprises in udon thani province
Lamdaun Khanson, Suraphol Sreshthaputra, Budsara Limnirunkul and Dusdee Na Lampang

3. Motivations and achievements for mid-career change into farming occupation
Patcharaluk Suwan and Avorn Opatpatanakit

4. Testing of the efficacy of dietary natural and synthetic antioxidants on broiler performance
S.Kh. Ahmed, M.H.Abdul-Abass, S.A.Al-Hammed

5. Evaluation of neem leaf meal in the diets of black leghorn laying hens for protein sustaininability and national development
H.O. Obikaonu, and A.B.I. Udedible

6. Acute toxic and hepatopancreas syndrome caused by chlopyrifos ethyl to black tiger shrimp and white shrimp in mekong river delta of vietnam
Nguyen Hong Son, Tran Quoc Viet, Dang Hoang Oanh, Do Phuong Chi, Bui LanHuong, DinhTien Dung and Nguyen HuyManh

7. Potential accumulation of heavy metal (cu, pb, cd and zn) of carrot daucus carota
Nguyen Hong Son, Bui Thi Lan Huong, Truong Thanh Ka, Tran Viet Cuong, Do Thi Hai, Tran Thi Huong

8. Genotypic responses of rice under salinity and high temperature stresses on seed germination and seedling growth
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9. Ecological studies on cabbage pests
El-Sayed M. Embaby and Dalia El-Sayed Lotfy

10. Studies on population dynamics of key pests of cotton
S. Nagendra

11. The global social and environmental problem - approaches to solving
M.S. Sokolovand V.I. Glazko

12. Microwave assisted extraction of bioactive compounds from turmeric (curcuma longa)
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13. Screening of antagonistic bacteria for controlling cercospora coffeicola in arabica coffee
Apinya Sirinunta and Angsana Akarapisan

14. Management of root rot diseases and improvement growth and yield of green bean plants using plant resistance inducers and biological seed treatments
El-Mohamedy, R. S. Riad ; Shafeek M.R. and Fatma A. Rizk

15. Isolation and identification of aspergillus species producing ochratoxin a in arabica coffee beans
Sumanee Kuntawee and Angsana Akarapisan

16. Isolation of endophytic fungi from some orchid varieties
Sour V., Phonpho S and Soytong K.

17. Effect of the potassium permanganate coated zeolite nanoparticles on the quality characteristic and shelf life of peach and nectarine
Masoumeh Emadpour, Behzad Ghareyazie, Yousef Rezaei Kalaj, Mehrnaz Entesari and Naser Bouzari

18. Effect of vine bud load on bud behavior, yield, fruit quality and wood ripening of superior grape cultivar
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19. Performance of the csm-ceres-rice model in evaluating growth and yield of rice in the farm level
Phakamas, N.