1. Optimization of passive tractor cabin suspension system using es, pso and ba
Saman Abdanan Mehdizadeh

2. The adoption of variable-rate application of fertilizers technologies- the case of iran
N. Monfared

3. A study of pesticide usage and pesticide safety awareness among farmers in commewijne in suriname
Wasudha Malgie, Lydia Ori and Henry Ori

4. Microbial dynamics in food, intestine and fecal pellets of two endemic pill-millipedes of the western ghats
C.N. Ambarish and K.R. Sridhar

5. Mitochondrial dna analysis revealed gondwanan origin of the common evening brown butterfly, melanitis leda
Mashhoor K., Lazar K.V., Shanas S. and Ramesh N

6. Larvicidal and oviposition deterrent activities of essential oils against house fly
Soonwera, M.

7. Efficacy of essential oils from citrus plants against mosquito vectors aedes aegypti (linn.) and culex quinquefasciatus (say)
Soonwera, M.

8. Antibacterial activity of alkaloid extracts and active constituents of some selected plants against xanthomonas campestris
H.N. Venkatesh, S. Thippeswamy, R.U. Abhishek and D.C. Mohana

9. Mycoflora and mycotoxin contaminated some juices
El-Sayed M. Embaby, Nadia M. Awni, Mona M. Abdel-Galil and Heba I. El-Gendy

10. Decay of guava fruit (psidium guajava linn.) quality caused by some mold fungi
El-Sayed M. Embaby and Hassan, M. Korkar

11. Evaluation of actinomycetes culture media for control of bakanae disease of rice seeds
Wasana Sittivate and Sarunya Nalumpang

12. Management of potato common scab through fertilizers
Abd-ur-Rehman Khalid, Syed Riaz Ali Gardezi, Muhammad Shehzad, Sayed Rashad Ali and Muhammad Atiq

13. Achieving farm multifunctionality through a small-scale biodiverse, integrated and organic (bio) method of farming
Teodoro C. Mendoza

14. Fungi associated with seeds of huckleberry (solanum scabrum mill.) grown in the western highlands of cameroon
Tsopmbeng N. G. and Fomengia D.N.