1. Tropical fruit wine processing- an approach to nurturing the entrepreneurial culture among students
Mila T. Benabise

2. Survey of mangosteen clones with distinctive morphology in eastern of thailand
Chaiwat Makhonpas, Sawek Phongsamran and Adun Silasai

3. Structure and distribution of demersal fish in moo-khobulon, satun province, thailand
Samphan, Promhom

4. Species composition and abundance of penaeid shrimps in the outer songkhla lake of thailand
Samphan, Promhom, Hajisamae Sukree and Tansakul Reunchai

5. Basis for developing biotechnology for plant protection means in georgia
Chkhubianishvili, Tsisia, Manana Kakhadze, Iatamze Malania, Mariam Chubinishvili, Rusudan Skhirtladze, Irine Rizhamadze

6. Evidence of molecular marker for genetic relationship of asystasia gangetica (linn) t. anderson
Danthanawanit, Chetiya, Supattra Poeaim and Anurug Poeaim

7. Callus induction and growing cell suspension culture of jow haw rice (oryza sativa l.)
Poraha, Ranyikar, Anurug Poeaim, Saengthong Pongjaroenkit and Pradit Pongthongkam

8. Gender identification of himantopus himantopus using pcr-based method
Wiparat Siripong, Supattra Poeaim, Krairat Eiamampai and Dusit Atittayawan

9. Isolation and identification of trichocomaceae from soil by morphology and three regions dna sequencing
Soytong, Mayamor and Supattra Poeaim

10. Study on the use of rectangular and triangular models in hydroponics for the culture of anubias barteri var broad leaf
Nuttavich Cotchakaew, Nuntagij Itthisutorn and Nongnuch Laohavisuti

11. Effects of gibberellic acid on fruit growth and fruit development of mangosteen (garcinia mangostana linn.)
Somporn Na Nakorn, Apinan Intraratsamee

12. Going organic: understanding the organic vegetables production environment in central luzon, philippines
Porciuncula, Fe L., Luzviminda M. Galang, and Rex S. Parayno

13. Bag opening technique for bag spawn culture of spit gill mushroom (schizophyllum commune)
Preecha, C, and Thongliumnak, S

14. Effects of number of seedlings on growth, yield, cost and benefit of 2 rice genotypes in transplanted fields
Wiangsamut, P. Umnat, M. Koolpluksee and W. Kassakul

15. The efficacy of insecticidal control in pomelo fruit fly ipm program in nakhon si thammarat province, thailand
Thonghua, Tipawan and Jarun Thonghua

16. Practices in extension services- basis for the formulation of manual of operation
Garingan, Eleanor G.

17. Factors affecting the cognitive competency of the pre-school children in selected day care centers in diffun, quirino, philippines
Gervacio, Mydee

18. Assessment of veterinary needs in municipalities of the third district of cagayan- a benchmark survey for extension
Guzman, Leah S.

19. Satisfaction of high vocational certificate student on training in farm practices of ubonratchathani college of agriculture and technology, ubonratchathani
Rongsan Panyakom, Pakkapong Poungsuk and Nawarat Pourpan

20. The problems and obstructions on teaching and learning of agricultural subject of agricultural teachers in secondary school in northeast region of thailand
Pakkapong Poungsuk, Piyanard Junlex and Nitikorn Jaikaew

21. The need of students and student’s parents on development of learning and teaching agricultural subjects of phraibueng wittayakhom school, sisaket province
Wattana Saduak, Waraporn Sangnate and Pakkapong Poungsuk

22. Psychological strengths and emotional difficulties of students with separated parents- a basis for counseling intervention program
Jenalyn M. Sarmiento

23. Product development of sweet fermented rice (khao-mak) from germinated native black glutinous rice
Mongkontanawat, N. and Lertnimitmongkol, W.

24. The piriformospora indica, magic fungus and its role on sustainable agriculture
Danesh, Younes Rezaee

25. Evaluation of two species of trichoderma as compost activator and bio-control agents
Lani Lou Mar A. Lopez, Renato G. Reyes and Dionisio G. Alvindia

26. Two edible mushrooms interaction against fusarium wilt which caused by f. oxysporum f. sp. lycopersici
Yaling Luo, Wattanachai Pongnak and Kasem Soytong

27. Cytotoxicity and antimicrobial activities of leaf extracts from barleria strigosa
Nuttaporn Manapradit, Supattra Poeaim and Patchanee Charoenying

28. Analgesic and antipyretic potential of an ethnobotanical plant, alstonia scholaris l. in mice
Ruiz, John Christopher V., Maureen B. Gajeton, Robert John C. Gabriel, Mary Joy C. Lictawa, Eliza R. Lucas and Khristina J. Cruz

29. Biological activity of endophytic fungi associated with palm trees
JiaoJiao Song, Wattanachai Pongnak and Kasem Soytong

30. Fertility assessment and mapping of rice areas under the magat river integrated irrigation system in isabela, philippines
Dela Cruz, Josephine D., Margaret C. Aguinaldo, Ernesto D. Guzman and Fevie Rica Ancheta