1. The participatory irrigation management in mae taeng irrigation water user of association member, chiang mai
Porramin Narata, Ruth Sirisunyaluck, Wallratat Intaruccomporn and Rampaipan Apichatpongchai

2. A case study of energy ratio in agro-forestry systems (date palm and wheat)
S.A. Barabadi, and M. Pourjafar

3. Cultures of fairy shrimp (streptocephalus sirindhornae for feeding giant freshwater prawn (macrobrachium rosenberbii)
Nukul Saengphan, Au-aree Suksomnit, Phisamai Chaleoisak and Ramet Chusing

4. Improved developmental competence of swampbuffalo oocytes matured in the presence of cysteamine
Lerma C. Ocampo and Marlon B. Ocampo

5. Chromosome complement and developmental competence of swamp buffalo oocytes matured and fertilized in vitro
Ocampo, Marlon B., Julie A. Manuel, Ruben P. Soriano and Lerma C. Ocampo

6. Association of fabp3 and lepr gene polymorphisms with the drip loss trait of pork
Sayamon Nitipongsuwan and Supamit Mekchay

7. Mosquito repellent from thai essential oils against dengue fever mosquito (aedesaegypti l.) and filaria mosquito vector (culexquinquefasciatus say)
Soonwera, M

8. A new predatory mite species of the genus neoseiulus from narowal, pakistan
Zahid Mahmood Sarwar, Muhammad Hamid Bashir, Muhammad Rafique Khan, NaliaNazir and Bilal Safeed Khan

9. Plant microarray for gene expression profiling and their application
Mingzhu Wu, Ang Chen, Zhong Wang, Jianfeng Zhang, Chen Wang, Feng Li, Pan Wei, Ran Wang, ZhaopengLuo, Chunyang Wei, Fucheng Lin, Jun Yang

10. Three new species of cercosporoid fungi from northern thailand
Khelang Wongsopa and Ratchadawan Cheewangkoon

11. Morphological and physiological changes in two triticium aestivum cultivars differing in water stress tolerance
Abdalla, M.M.

12. Effects of accelerated aging and subsequent priming on seed quality and biochemical change of hybrid cucumber seeds
Chinanat Krainart, Boonmee Siri and Kanit Vichitphan

13. The impact of rainfall fluctuation on days and rubber productivity in songkhla province
Korakot Ruangsri, Kunakorn Makkaew, and Sayan Sdoodee

14. In vitro assessment of shed sheabutter tree leaf as a potential feedstuff for goat production
Olaoye, T. S., Yousuf M. B., Adeleye O. A., Adeyemi K. A. and Adeyemi A. A.