1. The relationship of lotus to thai lifestyle in terms of religion, arts and tradition
Sarayut Phonpho

2. The effect of some processing variables on desorption characteristics of fermented cassava mash for cassava flour production
Idowu, D.O. and IGE, M.T.

3. Determination of mineral elements in otostegia persica and otostegia aucheri from saravan region, sistan and baluchestan, iran
Zahra Sadeghi and Jafar Valizadeh

4. Morphological and physiological changes in two triticium aestivum cultivars differing in water stress tolerance
Abdalla, M.M

5. Enhancement of alkaloids production in tissue culture of narcissus tazetta var. italicus i- effect of growth regulators and fungal elicitors
Amira M. Abu Taleb, Eman R. Hamed Shimaa, A. Zaki, Adel B. Salama, Ahmed Abdel-Fattah and Tarek Y. S. Kapiel

6. In-vitro screening technique for drought tolerance of wheat (triticum aestivium l.) genotypes at early seedling stage
M.H. Chachar, N.A. Chachar, S.D. Chachar, Q.I. Chachar , S.M. Mujtaba and A. Yousafzai

7. Effect of halo (kcl) priming on seed germination and early seedling growth of wheat genotypes under laboratory conditions
S.B. Solangi, Q.I. Chachar, S.D. Chachar and N.A. Chachar

8. Biodiversity of syrphid flies from poonch district of azad kashmir, pakistan
Shamaila Arif, Muhammad Rafique Khan, Anjum Shehzad, Naila Nazir, Junaid Rahim,Falak Naz and Ather Rafi

9. Application of crude palm oil liquid sludge sewage on maize (zea mays l) as re-cycle possibility to fertilizer
Hasan Basri Jumin, Heni Rosneti and Agusnimar

10. Influence of humic acid and macronutrients (mgso4 + s) application on growth and yield of petunia
Saba Ambreen Memon, Muhammad Hanif Baloch, Riaz Ahmed Baloch

11. Effect of humic acid and iron sulphate on growth and yield of zinnia
Saba Ambreen Memon , Fazal Muhammad Bangulzai, Muhammad Ibrahim Keerio, Muhammad Ayub Baloch and Mahmooda Buriro

12. Urea induced urease activity is coupled to the synthesis of primary monoamine- a possible mechanism of enhancing fertilization of mango flower
Md. Shahidul Haque, Uttam Kumar Roy, Farzana Ashrafi Neela, Md. Monirul Islam and Md. Faisal Kabir

13. Effect of humic acid and calcium chloride on the growth and flower production of snapdragon
Saba Ambreen Memon and Khalilullah Khetran

14. Ethnobotany of date palm (phoenix dactylifera) in baluch tribe of saravan region, baluchistan, iran
Zahra Sadeghi and Kimia Kuhestani

15. Study on antifungal effect of herbal compounds against mycotoxin producing fungi
A.Vijayalakshmi , R.Sharmila, N.K.S.Gowda and G.Sindhu

16. Impact of npk, humic acid and algae extract on growth of aggizi olive seedlings cultured in sandy soil under greenhouse
Laila F. Haggag, N.S. Mustafa, M.F.M. Shahin, E.A.E. Genaidy and Mahdy H.A.

17. Effect of npk and bio-fertilizers as soil application on promoting growth of toffahi olive seedlings under greenhouse condition
Laila F. Haggag, Merwad M.A., M.F.M. shahin and Amira A. Fouad

18. Changes in some physical and chemical fruit properties during fruit development stage of chemlali and mission cultivars
Laila, F. Haggag, M.F.M. Shahin, Fikria H. Khalil, Amira A. Fouad and Eman S. El-Hady

19. Participatory varietal selection of submergence-tolerant rice varieties
Menchie R. del Rosario

20. Influence of humic acid and micronutrients (zinc + manganese) application on growth and yield of phlox
Saba Ambreen Memon, Riaz Ahmed Baloch and Muhammad Hanif Baloch