1. Development and testing of screw type kenaf (hibiscus cannabinus) pelletizing machine
A.K. Aremu, A.O. Kadiri and C.A. Ogunlade

2. Proposed harvester model for palm date fruit
Ahmed Nourani and Francisco Garbati Pegna

3. Construction and characterization of copolymer nanomaterials loaded with bioactive compounds from chaetomium species
Dar, Joselito and Kasem Soytong

4. Biological control of pomelo diseases using chaetomium spp
Hung Phung Manh, Pongnak Wattanachai and Soytong Kasem

5. Mushroom and macrofungi collection for screening bioactivity of some species to inhibit coffee antharcnose caused by colletotrichum coffeanum
Luo Yaling, Wattanachai Pongnak and Kasem Soytong

6. Antimicrobial substances from chaetomium spp.against pestalotia spp. causing grey blight disease of tea
Nguyen Huu Phong, Wattanachai Pongnak, Kasem Soytong and Nguyen Thi Luu

7. Enhancement of growth and yield of upland rice (oryza sativa l.) var. nsic rc 192 by actinomycetes
Jayvee A. Cruz, Nacita B. Lantican, Evelyn F. Delfin and Erlinda S. Paterno

8. Biodiversity of butterflies from poonch division of azad kashmir, pakistan
M.R. Khan, M.A. Rafi, Naila Nazir, M.R. Khan, I.A. Khan, A. Hayat, A. Ghaffar, J. Rahim and F. perveen

9. Nutritional factors affecting levan production by bacillus sp.v8 strain isolated from rhizosphere bean (vicea faba) plant
Khadiga A. Abou-Taleb, Mohamed O. Abdel-Monem, Mohamed H. Yassin and Amal A. Draz

10. Organic phosphate mineralization by bacillus sphaericus and pseudomonas cepacia
Vimal Ramani

11. Study on physiological and cultural requirements of pleurotus giganteus
Kasem Soytong and Thao Asue

12. First report on molecular and biochemical variations among the populations of fusarium oxysporum infecting tobacco in karnataka, india
K. Sumana, B.D. Punith and N.S. Devaki

13. Allelopathic impact of some antioxidants on fusarium solani causing root rot on faba bean
Nadia, G. El Gamal and Aliaa, R. El Shamy

14. Evaluation of antifungal activity of moringa oleifera extracts as natural fungicide against some plant pathogenic fungi in-vitro
Riad S.R. El–Mohamedy and Aboelfetoh M. Abdalla

15. Characterization of bacterial isolates producing chitinase and glucanase for biocontrol of plant fungal pathogens
Y. Suryadi, D.N. Susilowati, P. Lestari, T.P. Priyatno, I.M. Samudra, N. Hikmawati dan N.R. Mubarik

16. Role of stigmasterol treatment in alleviating the adverse effects of salt stress in flax plant
F.M. Bassuany, R.A. Hassanein, D.M. Baraka and R.R. Khalil

17. The effect of varieties, fertilizers, and cultivation methods on the production of lettuce (lactuca sativa l.) under greenhouse conditions in suriname
Lydia V. Ori, Sadhana Debi-Tewarie, and Myrna Narain

18. Changes in pigments and fruit quality in papaya from different harvesting seasons
L. Khurnpoon, K. Sirivejabandhu and P. Sangwanangkul