1. Examining the socioeconomic determinants of rice farmers’ choice of land tenure systems in the upper east region of ghana
Donkor Emmanuel and Owusu Victor

2. Modeling and analysis of energy efficiency in grape production of iran
Mousa Rasouli, Majid Namdari, Seyed Hashem Mousavi-Avval

3. Investigation of rice husk ash cementitious constituent in concrete
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4. Optimizing energy consumption efficiency for greenhouse cucumber production using the dea approach in markazi province of iran
Sajjad Firoozi, Mohammad Javad Sheikhdavoodi and Saeedeh Mohammadi Farani

5. Inorganic phosphate solubilizing potential of arthrobotrys conoides and duddingtonia flagrans, a nematode trapping fungi a potential biocontrol agent
Ramesh Pandit, Prashant Kunjadia, Pratap Mukhopadhyaya and Anju Kunjadia

6. Biocontrol potentials of three essential oils against some postharvest pathogens
S. Mohapatra, S. Das, M.K. Chand and K. Tayung

7. Study of chemical compositions of cordyceps pseudomilitaris pigments by gas chromatography - mass spectrometry (gc-ms)
Waraporn Sutthisa and Niwat Sanoamuang

8. Storage of tomato powder in different packaging materials
M. Sarker, M.A. Hannan, Quamruzzaman, M.A. Ali, H. Khatun

9. Genetic diversity of beauveria sp. isolated in thailand
Supattra Poeaim, Suwicha Hangtrakul and Kasem Soytong

10. Ethnobiology and alternative medicine of the ybanag minority in northern isabela, cagayan valley, philippines
Jane G. Cabauatan

11. Assessment of faunal diversity on selected caves of the northern sierra madre natural park (nsmnp), northern cagayan valley, philippines
Jane G. Cabauatan, Myrna T. Ramos, Jouel B. Taggueg, Arsen M. Callueng and Sharon S. Tumaliuan

12. Heavy metal levels in leafy vegetables from selected markets in guyana
Alliea Nankishore

13. In vitro multiplication of nodal segments of murici - the use of growth regulators and photoautotrophic stimulation
Cintia De Oliveira Martendal, Murilo Martins Bernardino, Flávia Dionísio Pereira, Fabiano Guimarães Silva, Carlos César Evangelista De Menezes and João Das Graças Santana

14. Embryogenesis and plantlet regeneration optimization of wheat
Hala Almobasher Abdollah, Abdel Gaffar Elhaj Said and Mutasim Mohamed Khalafalla

15. In vitro zygotic embryo culture and influence of tdz on shoot proliferation in drypetes roxburghii (wall.) hurusawa
K. Sri Rama Murthy, M. Chandrasekhara Reddyand T. Pullaiah

16. In vitro cultivation of babassu embryos with different concentrations of sucrose and activated carbon
Mariluza Silva Leite, Paula Sperotto Alberto, Flavia Pereira Dionysus and Fabiano Silva Guimarães

17. Fruit setting, cracking and quality of litchi as influenced by foliar spray of different nutrient solutions during fruit growth and development
Md. Mokter Hossain, Md. Shahadat Hossain and Md. Mazharul Islam

18. Development of cucumber lines resistant to cucumber mosaic virus by ovule culture
Plapung, P., Khumsukdee, J. and Smitamana, P.

19. Difference in physiological responses to water stress between two rubbers (hevea brasiliensis) clones of rrim 600 and rrit 251
Supawadee Sittichai and Sayan Sdoodee

20. Efficiency of bacillus subtilis epb14 as biocontrol to control bacterial leaf blight of anthurium
Supawadee Kumsingkaew and Angsana Akarapisan

21. Causal agent, symptoms and environmental factors of root rot disease of organic assam tea in mae taeng district, chiang mai province
Tompong, S. and Kunasakdakul, K.

22. Screening for salt tolerant rice (oryza sativa l.) genotypes at early seedling stage
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23. Assessment of genetic diversity in elaeagnus latifolia l.by inter-simple sequence repeat (issr) markers
Pratoomporn Yingthongchai, Daruni Naphrom and Prasartporn Smitamana