1. Effect of pre-treatments on mechanical oil expression from dika kernels
B.S. Ogunsina, G.A. Olatunde and O. Adeleye

2. Bio-formulation of chaetomium cochliodes for controlling brown leaf spot of rice
Kasem Soytong

3. Effect of different concentrations of sodium nitrate, sodium chloride, and ferrous sulphate on the growth and lipid content of chlorella vulgaris
attah, M.G., El-Ayoty, Y.M., Esmael, A.E. and Abd El-Ghany, S.E.

4. Genetic variability in snakegourd (tricosanthes cucurminata)
Fatema Nusrat Ahsan, A.K.M. Aminul Islam, M. Golam Rasul, M. Abdul Khaleque Mian and M. Mofazzal Hossain

5. Assessment of the biosafety of the bioinsecticide agerin on different biological systems
Nermin M. Abd El-Gawad and S.H. Abdel-Aziz

6. Evaluation of antagonistic bacteria inhibitory to colletotrichum musae on banana
Sakunyarak Khleekorn, Satithorn Wongrueng

7. Efficacy of red kwao krua (butea superb roxb.)crude extract for all male production of nile tilapia (oreochromis niloticus)
Anocha Kiriyakit

8. Collection and identification of micromycetes from rawalakot azad kashmir, pakistan
Abd-ur-Rehman Khalid, Syed Riaz Ali Gardezi, Muhammad Atiq, Naila Nazir and Muhammad Shehzad

9. Screening of parental lines of three- line rice hybrid against xanthomonas oryzae pv. oryzae
Choa Mondal, Md Rashidul Islam, K.M. Golam Dastogeer, Md Atiqur Rahman Khokon, Md Wazuddin and Md Ashik Iqbal Khan

10. Detection of fungi and aflatoxins contaminated peanut samples (arachis hypogaea l.)
E.M. Embaby and Mona M. Abdel-Galel

11. Occurrence of fig mosaic virus in egypt
Sabry Y. Mahmoud, El Sayed H. Zeidan, Khalaf A. Fayez and Rafat Shipat

12. Biological control of anthracnose disease in lady’s slipper using bacillus subtilis isolate b6
Wannaporn Kuenpech and Angsana Akarapisan

13. Agroinfiltration for transient gene expression in floral tissues of dendrobium sonia earsakul
R. Pinthong, K. Sujipuli, K. Ratanasut

14. The floral-dip method for rice (oryza sativa) transformation
W. Rod-in, K. Sujipuli, K. Ratanasut

15. Effects of chicken, pig and cow manures on growth and yield of kalmegh (andrographis paniculata nees)
S. Detpiratmongkol, T. Ubolkerd and S. Yoosukyingstaporn

16. Activity level of lactate dehydrogenase and b-glucosidase enzymes in the honeybee colonies, (apis mellifera l.) with different feeding
Sameh Mostafa Abd El Naby and Ehab Wafeek Zidan

17. The establishment of agrobacterium-mediated gene transformation in rubber tree through organized explants
Soontreeya Kalawong, Wutthichai Srichuay, Yupaporn Sirisom and Sompong Te-chato