1. Analysis of factors affecting the ecotourism development in pasture and forest cooperatives in golestan province, iran
Masoomeh Shemshad and Iraj Malek Mohammadi

2. Investigation the mechanical behavior of canola pods versus effect of impact and friction forces
Mohsen Azadbakht, Ebrahim Esmaeilzadeh and Amir Hossein Shahabi

3. Factors affecting farmer' self-reliance in organic kdml105 rice production, thung kula rong hai area
Napharat Vetchasitniraphai and Wallatat Intaruccomporn

4. The roles of capital in the management of rubber smallholders’ cooperatives- experiences from southern thailand
Narumon Preuksa, Buncha Somboonsuke, Jitti Mongkolnchaiarunya and Sayan Sdoodee

5. Socio-economic study of maize farmers under different production technologies in south west nigeria
Osundare, F.O.

6. Dynamics of songkhla lake basin research in the south of thailand
Tippayawong, S. and Somboonsuke, B.

7. Mathematical model on thin layer drying of of olive fruit (olea europeae l.)
Belgacem Mahdhaoui, Ridha Fethi Mechlouch, Ammar Mahjoubi, Karim Zahafi, and Ammar Ben Brahim

8. Improvements on the physicochemical characteristics of cassava root pulp and palm kernel mixtures under solid state fungal fermentation
Aladi, N.O., Isinguzo, C., Okorondu, S., Okoli, I.C. and Okeudo, N.J.

9. Gelatinization of fermented cassava tuber meal and its nutritive value for laying hens
G.E. Enyenihi, A.C. Esiegwu, B.O. Esonu, M.C. Uchegbu and A.B.I. Udedibie

10. Consumers’ perceptions towards yogurt- a case study in malang city, east java province, indonesia
Kusumastuti, A.E., Nissapa, A., Nugroho, B.A. and Phitthayaphinant, P.

11. Haematological and biochemical characteristics of west african dwarf rams fed different levels of poultry droppings maggots combination
Okah, U., Chibueze, C.O. and Anya, M.I.

12. Production of an antibacterial compound against the plant pathogen erwinia carotovora subs. carotovora by the biocontrol strain gliocladium sp. t.n.c73
Hendra Saputra, Fifi Puspita and Titania Tjandrawati Nugroho

13. Use of chrysoperlacarnea and trichogrammachiloni (ishii) on the population of insectpestsin chilli ecosystem
Mari, J.M., Laghri, R.B. and Mari, A. Shah

14. Application of endophytic fungi from para rubber tree as high ability in inhibitors of against phytoophthora botryosa, the pathogen of leaf-fall disease in para rubber tree
Piyaboon, O., Thunyamada, S., Numsiripongpan, W., Pattayanan, K., Wattanagetkul, M., Ophawatanasina, T., Tantithama, N. and Upala, W.

15. Effects of domestic processing on trypsin inhibitor, phytic, acid, tannins and in-vitro protein digestibility of three sorghum varieties
Magdi A. Osman and Mustafa Gassem

16. Enriched cultivation of three wild strains of lentinus tigrinus (bull.) fr.using agricultural wastes
De Leon, A.M., Reyes, R.G. and dela Cruz, Tee

17. Utilization of bio composted agricultural wastes in management of fusarium dry root rot disease on lime
Riad S.R. El-Mohamedy; Ahmed A. Morsy and Abd Radi T. Bakeer

18. Possible structure-activity profile of salicylate derivatives- their relationship on induction of systemic acquired resistance
S. Safari, M.J. Soleimani, A. Mohajer and L. Fazlikhani

19. Identification of begomovirus-infected mosaic diseases from uncultivated crops of sub-himalayan plains of east india
Aniruddha Saha, Bikram Saha, Prosenjit Chakraborty and Dipanwita Saha

20. Detection of somaclonal variants using rapd marker in bacopa monnieri and tylophora indica
Ashutosh Pathak, Mitesh Dwivedi, Naresh C. Laddha, Rasheedunnisa Begum and Aruna Joshi

21. Endophytic communities from phyllanthus amarus with reference to aureobasidium pullulans
B. Shankar Naik and Y.L. Krishnamurthy

22. Ethnomedicinal uses and antibacterial activity of two orchid species collected from similipal biosphere reserve odisha, india
Behera, D., Rath, C.C., Tayung, K. and Mohapatra, U.B.

23. Differential gene expression during flower bud initiation and flower bud development of rhynchostylis gigantea (lindl.) ridl
Bounma Phengphachanh, Daruni Naphrom, Weenun Bundithya and Nuttha Potapohn

24. Effect of organic fertilizer and organic fertilizer plus chemical fertilizer on growth and yield quality of kamphaeng phet emperor banana
C. Chaichuay, R. Chaichuay , C. Makornpas, and B. Wiangsamut

25. Using adaptive neuro-fuzzy inference system for classify date fruits
M. Pourjafar, M.R. Benam and S.M. Mazloumzadeh

26. Characteristic and the mode of action of bacteriocin produced by brevibacillus laterosporus sa14 which isolated from the air
On-anong Somsap and Monthon Lertcanawanichakul

27. Effect of 5-aminolevulinic acid (ala) on antioxidative enzymes, chlorophyll content, and photosynthesis of pakchoi under salt stress
Saba Ambreen Memon, Liang-Ju Wang and Xi-Lin Hou

28. Pre-soaking treatment and foliar application of kno3 on growth and flower production of gladiolus
Saba Ambreen Memon, Abdul Raziq Baloch, Muhammad Ayub Baloch and Muhammad Ibrahim Keerio