1. Efficacy of some biopesticides for the control of the onion maggot, delia alliaria fonseca on onion under field conditions in iraq
Hameed H. Al-Karboli and Feryal B. Hermize

2. Insecticidal and histopathological effects of botanical formulations against helicoverpa armigera
Soosaimanickam Maria Packiam, Kathirvelu Baskar and Savarimuthu Ignacimuthu

3. Screening of endophytic fungi from tubers of dahlia variabilis
Maria Lorenita, Yuli Haryani, Fifi Puspita, Didit Trihartomo and Saryono Sikumbang

4. Productivity of different species of entomopathogenic fungi based on one type of technology
Vladimir Gouli, Caroline Provost, Svetlana Gouli, Bruce L. Parker and Margaret Skinner

5. Bio-priming seed treatment for biological control of soil borne fungi causing root rot of green bean
R.S.R. El-Mohamedy and M.A. Abd Alla

6. Differentiation of rice varieties using metabolite markers
Asma Dazni Danial, Bee Keat Neoh, Mohd Amiron Ersad, Nurliyana Ruzlan, Wilonita Win, Nur Azizah Musa, Mohd Zairey Azwan, David R. Appleton and Hirzun Mohd Yusof

7. Evaluation of piper betle l. leaf extracts for biocontrol of important phytopathogenic bacteria
B. Jayalakshmi, K.A. Raveesha, D.L. Shrisha, Nagabhushan and K.N. Amruthesh

8. Effect of various sowing patterns on growth and yield of indian squash
Baloch, Q.B., Kaleri, I.A., Memon, N., Sharif, N. and Q.I. Chachar

9. Performance of sorghum genotype under dry iraqi conditions
Faisal M. Al-Tahir, Shimaa I. Al-Refai and Khalida I. Hashem

10. Vemicomposts- a alternative biofertilizers for zayad crops
Rabish Cahandra Shukla and Keshav Singh