1. Thin layer drying characteristics and modeling of melon slices (cucumismelo)
Mohsen Azadbakht, Hosein Darvishi and Abbas Rezaeiasl

2. Physical and mechanical properties and mass modeling of oak marble galls (andricus kollari) based on geometric attributes
Mostafa Bahrami, Ali Nejat Lorestani, Farzad Jaliliantabar and Rashid Gholami

3. Effect of different levels of sugar – beet tailings silage (sts) replaced with maize silage on buffalo male calves performance
Sirous Noroozy

4. Effect commercial diets on growth, survival and chemical composition of the edible freshwater snail pomacea patula catemacensis
Vázquez Silva Gabriela, Talía Castro Barrera, Jorge Castro Mejía and Germán David Mendoza Martínez

5. Biocontrol of rhizome soft rot on valerian by pseudomonas spp. under in vitro and greenhouse conditions
Ghods-Alavi, B.S., Ahmad‌zadeh, M., Behboudi, K. and Jamali, S.

6. Antifungal potential of trichoderma species against macrophomina phaseolina
Rashmi Singh, S. Maurya and R.S. Upadhyay

7. The value of animal manure in the enhancement of bioremediation processes in petroleum hydrocarbon contaminated agricultural soils
Angela C. Udebuani, C.I., Okoli, Harriet C. Nwigwe and P.T.E. Ozoh

8. Callus induction and somatic embryogenesis of moringa oleifera, an anti-radiation plant
B.N. Devendra, V.S.S.L. Prasad Talluri and N. Srinivas

9. Phytoremediation of fluoride contaminated water and soil- a search for fluoride hyperaccumulators
Mamta Baunthiyal and Vinay Sharma

10. Isolation production and partial purification of protease from an endophytic acremonium sp.
Pranay Jain, Vibhor Aggarwal, Archit Sharma and Ram Kumar Pundir

11. Preliminary molecular identification of boletus griseipurpureus corner from thailand and its nutritional value
Amornrat Aung-aud-chariya, Phuwadol Bangrak, Bernard Dell, Saisamorn Lumyong and Niyom Kamlangdee

12. Efficacy of furfural and basamid soil treatment for controlling black scurf disease of potato plants under field conditions
N.S. El-Mougy, F. Abd-El-Karem, M.M. Abd-El- Kader, N.G. El-Gamal, R.S. El-Mohamedy and Y.O. Fotouh

13. Source of resistance to root-knot nematode (meloidogyne javanica) in tomato cultivars
Gharabadiyan, F., Jamali, S., AhmadiyanYazdi, A. and Eskandari, A.

14. Extraction fractions of ginger (zingiber officinale roscoe) and residue in the control of field and storage pests
Amuji, C.F., B.C. Echezona and Dialoke, S.A.

15. Enhancing the latex productivity of hevea brasiliensis clone rrim 600 using ethylene stimulation
Apirak Doungmusik and Sayan Sdoodee

16. Influence of sowing patterns on the growth and productivity of brinjal, solanum melongena
Baloch, Q.B., Dero, B. and Memon, N.

17. Effect of salicylic acid, malic acid, citric acid and sucrose on antioxidant activity, membrane stability and acc-oxidase activity in relation to vase life of carnation cut flowers
M. Kazemi, E. Hadavi, and J. Hekmati

18. Membrane stability and postharvest keeping quality of cut gladiolus flower spikes
Memon, N., Vistro, A.A., Pahoja, V.M., Baloch, Q.B. and Sharif, N.

19. Effect of media and sucrose concentrations with or without activated charcoal on the plantlet growth of p. cornu-cervi (breda) blume&rchb. f.
Suphat Rittirat, Kanchit Thammasiri and Sompong Te-chato

20. Induction of somatic embryogenesis from cotyledon explants of cashew (anancardium occidentale l)
T. Kamshananthi and Thayamini H. Seran

21. Plant growth promoting activity of nickel tolerant bacillus cereus ts1
T. Sivakumar, T. Shankar, P. Vijayabaskar and V. Ramasubramanian

22. Cryopreservation of embryogenic callus of hybrid tenera oil palm by dehydration technique and evaluation of somaclonal variation by ssr marker
Tassanee Khawniam and Sompong Te-chato

23. The effect of explants plant growth regulators and silver nitrate on in vitro callus induction in hevea brasiliensis muell arg.
Wutthichai Srichuay and Sompong Te-chato

24. Problems and obstacles of returning life to qanats
Elham Zadbagher, Younes Kazemi and Noredin Rostami