1. Phytoparasitic nematode management post-methyl bromide where to for zimbabwe
Charles Karavina and Ronald Mandumbu

2. Challenges in commercial pig production in botswana
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3. The impact of major constraints on agricultural extension in eastern libya.
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4. Impact of agro-tourism on local agricultural occupation a case study of chang klang district southern thailand
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5. Some physical and mechanical properties of caper.
Ali Nejat Lorestani

6. A mini rice processing machine for nigerian farmers
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7. Mechanical properties of soybean pod as a function of moisture content and energy.
Mohsen Azadbakht, Mohammad Hadi Khoshtaghaza, Barat Gobadian and Saeid Minaei

8. Prediction of output energy for wheat production using artificial neural networks in esfahan province of iran
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9. Date grading using rule-based fuzzy inference system
N. Alavi and V. Nozari

10. Iodine-enriched egg production in response to dietary iodine in laying hens
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11. The use of sun-dried cassava tuber meal brewers dried grains and palm oil to simulate maize in the diet of laying hens.
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12. Intake and digestibility of dietary maize processing waste by west african dwarf (wad) sheep.
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13. Biotechnology for conservation of palestinian medicinal plants
Raed Alkowni and Khaled Sawalha

14. Optimization of extraction conditions for colchicine from gloriosa superba tubers using response surface methodology.
D.K. Pandey and R.M. Banik

15. Selection and optimization of nutritional constituents for enhanced production of alkaline phosphatase by bacillus
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17. Antioxidant level ofwild edible mushroom pleurotus djamor (fr.) boedijn.
Ajay Krishna Saha, Sandeep Acharya and Aparajita Roy

18. Screening of endophytic fungus acremonium sp. for amylase production.
Pranay Jain, Vibhor Aggarwal, Archit Sharma and Ram Kumar Pundir

19. Evaluation of the powder of piper guineense and pirimiphos- methly f for the control of cowpea beetle callosobruchus maculatus (f.)
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20. Field application of bio compost to control fusarium dry rot disease of potato in newly reclaimed lands.
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21. The effect of the decreased expression of dicer-like proteins 2 and 4 on cyclic viral titer and short interference rna in cucumber
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23. Thresholding of tart-cherry image frame under uncontrolled daylight conditions
M.B. Lak

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25. Effects of colchicine on survival rate morphological, physiological and cytological characters of chang daeng orchid rhynchostylis gigantean
Nattaporn Kerdsuwan and Sompong Te-chato

26. Vertical mobile planting system consistent with the pattern of solar radiation and a study on effects of system on light exposure and growth of gerbera
Shahla Mahdavi, Mohsen Kafi, Rouhangiz Naderi and Toktam Sadat Taghavi

27. Incidence of dolichos yellow mosaic virus (dymv) and yield potential in indian bean (lablal purpureus) f1s
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28. Determination of mineral content and heavy metal content of some traditionally important aquatic plants of tripura india using atomic absorption spectroscopy.
Somnath Bhowmik, Badal Kumar Datta and Ajay Krishna Saha

29. Effect of bacteria density inoculation and co-cultivation period on agrobacterium-mediated transformation of oil palm embryogenic callus
Sureerat Yenchon and Sompong Te-chato

30. The impact of ethylene gas application on young-tapping rubber trees
Thongchai Sainoi and Sayan Sdoodee

31. The effect of peptone and silver nitrate on in vitro shoot formation in hevea brasiliensis muell arg.
Yupaporn Sirisom and Sompong Te-chato