1. Numerical simulation of cylindrical heat pipe using al2o3-water nanofluid as the working fluid
Narong Pooyoo, Sivanappan Kumar

2. An optimised hybrid biomass combined cycle with integrated solar thermal system
Ayokunle Ayeleso, Atanda Raji

3. Optimal design of guide vane for improving mini hydro power plant efficiency by using twin axis vertical turbine
Kanisorn Tom Thanatwutthigorn, Ratchaphon Suntivarakorn

4. Hydrous ethanol-gasoline blends as alternative fuels for spark ignition engine: fuel properties and engine performance
Z. I. Zakaria, A. F. Kheiralla, E. Tola, Khalid A. Al-Gaadi, Ahmed A. Alameen, Ahmed M. Zeyada

5. Techno-economics assessment of geothermal binary cycle power plant located in isolated grid
Suardi Nur, M. Faisi Ikhwali, Nur Aida

6. Determination of copper losses for substation transformers in special region of yogyakarta using the fuzzy system
Agus Maman Abadi, Toto Sukisno, Nurhayadi Nurhayadi, Wredha Pringga Kusuma Hano

7. Multi-objective optimal power flow using fuzzy satisfactory stochastic optimization
Prakaipetch Muangkhiew, Keerati Chayakulkheeree

8. The relationship between the factors influencing energy-saving behaviors in households in urban vietnam
Nguyen Thanh Tung, Do Anh Tuan