1. An assessment of the impacts of renewable energy policies on the thai electricity generation sector
Supannika Wattana, Buncha Wattana

2. Exploring the impact of energy consumption, food security on co2 emissions: a piece of new evidence from pakistan
Snovia Naseem, Tong Guang Ji, Umair Kashif

3. The economic implications of natural gas pricing adjustment in indonesia
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4. Improving thermochemical and physical properties of cocoa pod shell by torrefaction and its potential utilization
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5. Bio-oil production from napier grass using a pyrolysis process: comparison of energy conversion and production cost between bio-oil and other biofuels
Wasakorn Treedet, Ratchaphon Suntivarakorn, Ilham Mufandi, Piyapong Singbua

6. The theoretical framework of the modified organic rankine cycles for improved energy and exergy performances
Zubair Ali Shah, Qun Zheng, Ghazanfar Mehdi, Naseem Ahmad, Waleed Raza, Aseed ur Rehman, Asif Raza

7. Stochastic model for generating synthetic hourly global horizontal solar radiation data sets based on auto regression characterization
M.P. Anand, Athula Rajapakse, Bagen Bagen

8. Nonlinearity in energy demand dynamics in iran using a smooth transition error-correction model (stecm)
Zahra Azizi, Ali Faridzad

9. Non-invasive equivalent circuit method for three-phase induction motor efficiency estimation using particle swarm optimization
Keerati Chayakulkheeree, Vichakorn Hengsritawat, Petch Nantivatana, Preecha Kocharoen

10. Coulomb’s and franklin’s laws based optimization for nonconvex economic and emission dispatch problems
Murugesan Suman, Vadugapalayam Ponnuvel Sakthivel