1. Prospects of transition of air transportation to clean fuels: economic and environmental management aspects
Svetlana V. Ratner, Chepurko Yuri, Nguyen Hoang Hien

2. Characteristics of charcoal briquettes from agricultural waste with compaction pressure and particle size variation as alternative fuel
Sunardi Sunardi, Djuanda Djuanda, Mohammad Ahsan S. Mandra

3. Optimization of control factors for a diesel engine fueled with jatropha seed producer gas on dual fuel mode
Monorom Rith, H.W. Gitano-Briggs, Jeremias A. Gonzaga, Jose Bienvenido M. Biona

4. Thermochemical energy storage in low flow liquid desiccant regenerator
Mustafa Jaradat

5. Electrical power demand assessment of a rural community and the forecast of demand growth for rural electrification in ghana
Johannex Fefeh Rushman, Prapita Thanarak, Surachai Artkla, Pisit Maneechot

6. Active power regulation of the power system considering dfig based wind power in coordination with tcps-smes
Dhanpal Chetty, Gulshan Sharma, Innocent Davidson