1. Development of a microalgae based system for biogas upgrading and oil production from waste biomass
Mathin Jaikua, Sahataya Thongsan, Sirilux Chaijamrus

2. Energy and exergy analysis of solar thermal energy-based polygeneration processes for applications in rural india
Sanju Thomas, Ajith Kumar G., Sudhansu Sekhar Sahoo, Shinu Varghese

3. The influence of water droplets on the heat and mass transfer of thewet compression of single stage compressor
Dayyabu Gambo Kofar-bai, Qun Zheng, Hai Zhang, Adil Malik

4. Trade complementarity of sino-us wind energy products: based on un comtrade data
Qiaoyu Li, Zihan Wang, Jing Shuai, Liping Ding, Zhihui Leng, Chuanmin Shuai, Pin Zhao

5. The economics of net metering policy in the philippines
Romeo Pacudan

6. Multi-objective real power loss and voltage deviation minimization for grid connected micro power system using whale optimization algorithm
Sovann Ang, Uthen Leeton, Thanatchai Kulworawanichpong, Keerati Chayakulkeeree