1. Impact of environmental regulation on total-factor energy efficiency from the perspective of energy consumption structure
Changqi Tao, Cui Li

2. Highlighting the factors of energy intensity change in malaysia: input-output approach
Hussain A. Bekhet, Azlina Abdullah

3. Numerical investigation of n-butanol addition on the performance and emission characteristics of ci diesel engine
Salman Abdu Ahmed, Song Zhou, Yuanqing Zhu, Yongming Feng

4. Performance enhancement of parabolic trough collector with oblique delta-winglet twisted-tape inserts
Atwari Rawani, Suresh Prasad Sharma, Krishna Dev Prasad Singh

5. Effect of light and temperature on the efficiency and stability of curcumin-dye-sensitized solar cells
Suyitno Suyitno, Yuda Virgantara Agustia, Lullus Lambang Govinda Hidajat, Budi Kristiawan, Atmanto Heru Wibowo