1. The effect of abolishing the oil fund on the thai economy: a computable general equilibrium analysis
Rotelak Preecha, Suthin Wianwiwat

2. Energy saving by gamification method: case study at a public school, thailand
Wuttipan Kiatruangkrai, Ekachai Leelarasmee, Wararak Vongdoiwang Siricharoen, Paralee Maneerat

3. Energy and exergy analysis of double flow corrugated absorber solar air heaters
Som Nath Saha, Suresh Prasad Sharma

4. Development and testing of a solar cooker with thermal energy storage system
S. Mallikarjuna Reddy, V. Sandeep, M. Sreekanth, Joseph Daniel

5. Study of building effects on small hawts performance in building - obstructed wind flow area by using a cfd k-? turbulence model validated with site measurement
Krittapas Kongkapisuth, Wirachi Roynarin, Decha Intholo

6. Hybrid pso-bp neural network approach for wind power forecasting
Gu Bo, Hu Hejuan, Huang Hui, Ren Yan