1. Practical approach for capacity expansion of hv/mv substations in long range planninghe case of beirut central district
Mohammad A. Akkawi, Farid B. Chaaban

2. The thermal performance of residential building integrated with adaptive kinetic shading system
Mostafa M.S. Ahmed, Ali K. Abdel-Rahman, Mahmoud Bady, Essam Mahrous

3. Control and analysis of mppt techniques for maximizing power extraction and eliminating oscillations in pv system
S. Narendiran, Sarat Kumar Sahoo, Raja Das

4. Energy and exergy analysis of wavy finned absorber solar air heater
Abhishek Priyam, Prabha Chand, Suresh Prasad Sharma

5. Analysis of thermohydraulic performance of double flow v-corrugated absorber solar air heater
Som Nath Saha, Suresh Prasad Sharma