1. Electricity consumption in brunei darussalam- challenges in energy conservation
Azman Ahmad

2. Numerical study of waste heat recovery from tunnel kiln utilized to produce rare earth phosphor
Linsheng Wei, Liangyin Guo, Zhang Yafang, Hu Zhaoji, Tan Zhihong

3. Investigation of heat transfer enhancement in a parabolic trough collector with a modified absorber
Abdul Kajavali, B. Sivaraman, N Kulasekharan

4. Thermal performance of solar parabolic trough collector using nanofluids and the absorber with nail twisted tapes inserts
K. Syed Jafar Jafar, B. Sivaraman

5. Exergy analysis of ideal thermodynamic cycle for the four stroke free piston engine (fpe)
Ningxia Yin, Siqin Chang, Zhaoping Xu, Jiming Lin