1. Surface tensions of jatropha and soapnut biodiesel and their blends with diesel at elevated temperatures and pressures
A.B. Chhetri, Chris Watts

2. Grape stalk briquettes as an alternative feedstock of biomass gasifiers
Dilip R. Pangavhane, Shrikant Tare

3. Artificial neural modeling of the heat transfer in an air cooled heat exchanger equipped with butterfly inserts
A. Karami, E. Rezaei, M. Rahimi, M. Zanjani

4. Performance analysis of a metal hydride based heat transformer
B. Satya Sekhar, P. Muthukumar

5. Simulation and study of standalone hybrid grid (involving biogas, solar, wind and biodiesel -based generation)
R.L. Chakrasali, H.N. Nagaraja, V.R. Sheelavant, H. Vijay Murthy, B.S. Shalavadi