1. Potential of bioethanol production from agricultural residues in the mekong delta, vietnam
Nhu Quynh Diep, Kinya Sakanishi

2. Development of efficient r-134a a c system of a medium size car
A.D. Desai, S.N. Sapali, G.V. Parthasarathi

3. Phase angle based control strategy for single-stage grid-connected pv system
Muhammad Quamruzzaman, Kazi Mujibur Rahman

4. Socially structured transferable utility game applied to electricity markets
S. Balagopalan, S. Ashok, K.P. Mohandas

5. Numerical and experimental investigations of lateral cantilever shaft vibration of passive-pitch vertical-axis ocean current
R. Hantoro, I.K.A.P Utama, A. Sulisetyono, Erwandi