1. Dynamic life-cycle analysis of india’s electricity system
P.R. Shukla, D. Mahapatra

2. Biodiesel production- a mini review
Nabeel A. Adeyemi, A.K.M. Mohiuddin, Ahmed Tariq Jameel

3. Experimental investigations of particulate emitted by an alcohol-fuelled hcci cai combustion engine
R.K. Maurya, D.K. Srivastava, A.K. Agarwal

4. Performance evaluation of a large-scale polyethylene covered greenhouse solar dryer
Poolsak Intawee, Serm Janjai

5. Single basin solar still coupled with evacuated tubes - thermal modeling and experimental validation
K. Sampathkumar, T.V. Arjunan, P. Senthilkumar

6. Optimal allocation and contingency analysis studies of embedded generation in distribution systems
Mohd Herwan Sulaiman, Omar Aliman, Siti Rafidah Abdul Rahim

7. Study on frequency fluctuations in power system with a large penetration of wind power generation
Md. Rafiqul Islam Sheikh, Rion Takahashi, Junji Tamura