1. Optimal captive power wheeling for industrial load management
C.A. Babu, S. Ashok

2. Experimental analysis of si engine performance and emission characteristics with gasoline-denatured spirit blends as alternative fuels
P.A. Hubballi, T.P. Ashok Babu

3. Comparison of control schemes for frequency support in dfig based wecs
D. Nagaria, G.N. Pillai, H.O. Gupta

4. Adaptation of a circuit theory method to allocate transmission usage in bilateral transaction with artificial neural network
M.W. Mustafa, S.N. Khalid, H. Shareef, A. Khairuddin

5. Design and simulation of an efficient statcom controller to improve electric power system dynamics
O. Farrok, M.G. Rabbani, Md. Rabiul Islam

6. Production of thermoelectric power from the solid wastes the case of lahore school of economics
Mohammad Rafiq Khan, Sana Sheikh