1. Potential of ethanol production from major agricultural residues in southeast asia
Shinichi Yano, Hiroyuki Inoue, Sutipa Tanapongpipat, Shinji Fujimoto, Tomoaki Minowa, Shigeki Sawayama, Kenji Imou, Shinya Yokoyama

2. Performance and exhaust emission of a si engine fuelled with potato waste ethanol and its blends with gasoline
G. Najafi, T. F. Yusaf, B Ghobadian, V. R. Najmeddin, Bilal F. Yousif

3. Effect of using mahua as an alternative fuel in diesel engine
N. Kapilan, T.P. Ashok Babu, R.P. Reddy

4. Computational investigation of energy efficient pin fin cross section for a compact heat exchanger
Imtiyaz Khan, Monoj Baruah, Anupam Dewan, P. Mahanta

5. Thermal efficiency study of conventional kerosene pressure stoves equipped with porous radiant inserts
Monikankana Sharma, Subhash C. Mishra, Paltu Acharjee

6. Performance analysis of thermal insulation screens used for classic roofs in hot-humid tropics
H. Abalo Samah, M. Banna

7. Emission-constrained dynamic economic dispatch using opposition-based self-adaptive differential evolution algorithm
R. Balamurugan, S. Subramanian

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