1. A profit-based unit commitment using different hybrid particle swarm optimization for competitive market
A.A. Abou El Ela, G.E. Ali, H.S. Abd El-Ghany

2. Anfis based coordination of multiple upfc control functions for damping low frequency oscillations in power systems
M. Sobha, R.S. Kumar, S. George

3. Determination of optimum angles for solar energy conversions into heat and electricity
Anand M. Sharan

4. Estimation method for the creation of hydrogen stations with woody biomass and livestock excreta in japan
Masaki Tajima, Kenji Imou, Shinya Yokoyama

5. Fuzzy based integral controller for an automatic generation control in multi-area power system
M.F. Hossain, M.R. Islam, M.G. Rabbani, M.F. Rahman, T. Takahashi

6. Performance study of a water-to-water heat pump using non-azeotropic refrigerant mixtures r407c
H. Abdesselam, H.H. Masjuki, R. Saidur, M.A. Sattar, M. Guellal

7. Small industrial scale pyrolysis of oil palm shells and characterizations of their products
K.H. Khor, K.O. Lim, Z.A. Zainal, K.F. Mah

8. Using weather sensitivity to forecast thailand’s electricity demand
S. Parkpoom, G.P. Harrison