1. Bagasse cogeneration in tanzania utilization of fibrous sugarcane waste
Tomohiko Sagawa, Shinya Yokoyama, Kenji Imou

2. Experimental studies on heat transfer and friction factor characteristics of forced circulation solar water heater system fitted with left-right twisted tapes
S. Jaisankar, T.K. Radhakrishnan, K.N. Sheeba

3. Fire-tube heating pyrolysis of car tire wastes end uses of product liquids as fuels and chemicals
M.R. Islam, K.S. Il, H. Haniu, M.R.A. Beg

4. Power flow solution for balanced radial distribution networks a new approach
R. Dharmasa, C. Radhakrishna, H.S. Jain

5. Pressure and heat transfer in staggered arrangement circular tubes with airfoil vortex generator
M. Gorji-Bandpy, S. Soleimani, F. Hossein-Nejad

6. Process optimization for industrial load management
C.A. Babu, S. Ashok

7. Readings in the international oil and gas agreements the governance of petroleum resources
Hafez Abdo

8. Slow pyrolysis of oil palm empty fruit bunches
K.H. Khor, K.O. Lim

9. Transmission cost allocation through modified equivalent bilateral exchanges
R.A. El-Sehiemy, A.A. Abou El- Ela