1. Modified mathematical model for malaria control
A.O. Muhammed and P.E. Orukpe

2. Cardiology diagnostic tests using pressure-volume conductance catheterization techniques
C. Thaijiam, S. Sawangkoon, A. Kijtawornrat, S. Chuthatep, W. Jeamsaksiri, K. Saejok, C. Hruanun and Amporn Poyai

3. Nn-based mpc for heat exchanger system in hard chrome electroplating
P. Kittisupakorn, E. Nueaklong and W. Daosud

4. Dynamic causal model of fmri images for early detection in people at risk of alzheimer's disease
R. Keerativittatayut, B. Kaewkamnerdpong, J. Laothamatas, O. Tritanon and W. Sungkarat

5. The estimation of renal function with 99mtc-dtpa and 99mtc-mag3
Piyamas Suapang and Surapun Yimman

6. The system for mammographic density classification
Piyamas Suapang and Surapun Yimman

7. Thermal necrosis - experimental investigation on thermal exposure during bone drilling process
T.N. Ajish and P. Govindan

8. Assessment of mobile lipids with 1h-nmr spectroscopy in enriched cd34+ human peripheral blood stem cells progenitor cells after exposure to polyenergetic medical diagnostic x-rays
Montree Tungjai and Nathupakorn Dechsupa

9. Efficient use of bi-orthogonal wavelet transform for cardiac signals
A. Sharma

10. A real-time arm trajectory measurement using gyroscope-based wrist band for rehabilitation
W. San-Um, S. Lertsarunyapong, and S. Kiattisin