1. Statistical thermodynamics approach to urinary analysis employing micro-canonical ensemble
C.H. Achebe C.H., J.L. Chukwuneke, P.C. Okolie and U.C. Okonkwo

2. Comparison of maximum likelihood and time frequency approaches for time varying delay estimation in the case of electromyography signals
G.T. Luu, P. Ravier and O. Butteli

3. Design of a high frequency equal width annular array transducer for medical imaging
Y. Qian and N. R. Harris

4. Volterra frequency response functions analysis of subharmonic oscillations from bubble
C. Samakee and P. Phukpattarannout

5. Development of high speed 3d tomographic microscope for non-invasive monitoring of biological samples
P. Meemon

6. Acquisition and analysis of human carotid pulse waveforms during tilt table maneuvers
S. Vashisth, M. Khan, R. Vijay, A. K. Salhan

7. Concept and microarchitecture of a streaming processor specialized for biomeditronic and adaptronic applications
F. A. Samman and Surapong Pongyupinpanich

8. Low-power reconfigurable computing for biomedical signal processing
F. Philipp and M. Glesner

9. Text encryption and decryption of dicom file header using jerk chaotic attractor
Adisorn Leelasantitham and Supaporn Kiattisin