1. Active control of microcapsules in vivo with mechatronics and informatics
Kohji Masuda

2. The effect of myocardial anisotropy with left intraventricular volume measurement by using conductance catheter techniques
Chanchai Thaijiam

3. De novo method of developing silk fibroin hydrogel aim for using as a dermal scaffold by gamma irradiation
Borisut Sanmano Hanpanich, Bovornlak Oonkhanond, Vichai Srimuninnimit, Vivat Visuthikosol and Prasert Sophon

4. A study of ultrasound measurement utilized for the liver testing
Adisorn Leelasantitham and Supaporn Kiattisin

5. A primary level ultrasonic power measurement system developed at national institute of metrology, thailand
Komgrit Jaksukam and Sumet Umchid

6. A new white blood cell segmentation using mean shift filter and region growing algorithm
J. Cheewatanon, T. Leauhatong, S. Airpaiboon and M. Sangwarasilp

7. Weighted-frequency index for eeg-based mental fatigue alarm system
Yunyong Punsawad, Sittichai Aempedchr, Yodchanan Wongsawat and Manukid Panichkun

8. Mathematical model for the incubation of the plasmodium vivax malaria
P. Pongsumpun and P. Mumtong