1. Inaugural issue of international journal of applied biomedical engineering- editorial message
Suparerk Janjarasjitt

2. Editorial- message from the editor-in-chief - iabe-1-1-08
Chuchart Pintavirooj

3. In vitro 3-d measurement of tissue viscoelasticity by ultrasound
Tsuyoshi Shiina

4. Biomechanics at macro to nano-scale levels
James Cho Hong Goh and Chen Hua Yeow

5. Virtual reality as human interface and its application to medical ultrasonic diagnosis
Kazuhiko Hamamoto

6. Optimization of right ventricular conductance catheter configurations using finite element modeling and direct search algorithms
Chanchai Thaijiam and Timothy John Gale

7. Improve 3-d visualization from radiograph for c-arm x-ray apparatus using sart
Chuchart Pintavirooj and Manas Sangworasil

8. Ultrasonic diffraction tomography
Chuchart Pintavirooj and Manas Sangworasil

9. Low cost and portable pcr thermoelectric cycle
Tawee Pogfai, Krongkamol Wong-ek, Suriya Mongpraneet, Anurat Wisitsoraat, and Adisorn Tuantranont

10. Implementation of vital signs monitoring system using wireless networks
Suranan Noimanee and Somkiat Wattanasirichaigoon

11. Multi-channel flexible local discriminant bases for classification of left right finger movement imagery related eeg
Yodchanan Wongsawat and Soontorn Oraintara

12. Patellofemoral joint instability- a biomechanical study
Wongwit Senavongse and Suchada Tantisatirapong