1. Optimal layout for off-shore wind farms using metaheuristic search algorithms
Thoa Thanh Le and Dieu Ngoc Vo

2. Voltage level management of low voltage radial distribution networks with high penetration of rooftop pv systems
Piyadanai Pachanapan and Surachet Kanprachar

3. Influence of electric field distribution along the line post and pin post insulator due to lightning strike
Pramuk Unahalekhaka and Karun Sirichunchuen

4. Simulation of surge protective devices for low-voltage systems connected to digital subscriber line access multiplexer
Pramuk Unahalekhaka and Siamrat Phonkaphon

5. Adsorption onto ash particles and common ion effect for phosphorus recovery from urinal wastewater
Yada Pinatha, Chongchin Polprasert, and Andrew J. Englande Jr.