1. Regional supply of energy from small scale biogas plants – discovering alternative heat markets in denmark
Rikke Lyb?k and Tyge Kjaer

2. An experimental study of lignocellulosic (oil palm residues) pretreatments for cellulose extraction
Tanakorn Wongwuttanasatian, Amnat Suksri, and Kittichai Jookjantra

3. Application of heat insulation solar glass for glass buildings
Tran Thi Bich Quyen, Chin-Huai Young, Bui Le Anh Tuan, and Ching-Sung Hsu

4. Performance of an open ducted type very low head cross-flow turbine
Zhenmu Chen, Van Thanh Tien Nguyen, Morihito Inagaki, and Young-Do Choi

5. Optimal reactive power dispatch using artificial bee colony method
Vo Ngoc Dieu, Nguyen Huu Thien An, and Vo Trung Kien