1. The effect of sio2/al2o3 ratios on the properties of geopolymers prepared from water treatment residue (wtr) in the presence of heavy metals
N. Waijarean, S. Asavapisit, K. Sombatsompop, K.J.D. MacKenzie

2. Institutional creativity of the human resource management system (hrms) in ministry of public works and transports
Thongchanh Kimanivong

3. Socio-economic impact and the adaptation of boten people under chinese transnationality
Sivarin Lertpusit

4. Lao pdr primary health care expansion project: a case study of development project implementation efficiency and effectiveness
Anousone Rassavong, Mana Southichack, and SaykhongSaynasine

5. Low carbon hotels towards sustainable tourism in koh chang and neighbouring islands, thailand
Rachnarin Nitisoravut, Nalikatibhag Sangsnit, Jaraspim Dhiralaksh, and Vilas Nitivattananon