1. Energy potential of biogas production from animal manure in the lao people’s democratic republic
Dethanou Koumphonphakdi and Ratchaphon Suntivarakorn

2. Reliability centered maintenance (rcm) implementation on pea power distribution systems: a case study of bang-pa-in branch office
Watchara Pobporn, Onurai Noohawm, and Dulpichet Rerkpreedapong

3. On-line monitoring for bushing of power transformer
Thanapong Suwnansri, Agkapon Pongmanee, and Cattareeya Suwanasri

4. Implementation on led road lighting in bangkok
Jarin Halapee

5. Augmented lagrange hopfield network based method for long-term hydrothermal scheduling
Nguyen Trung Thang and Vo Ngoc Dieu