1. Production of biodiesel from rubber seed oil and its effects to engine performances
Kulachate Pianthong and Prachasanti Thaiyasuit

2. Investigation on performances of the engine for the electrical power generator using biomass gases and biodiesel as fuels
Kulachate Pianthong, Prachasanti Thaiyasuit, Chayarnon Saengmanee, Veerayoot nonchana and Sorawit Nunt-Jaruwong

3. Application of fuzzy reasoning algorithm for service restoration plan to metropolitan electricity authority’s distribution system
J. Kaewmanee and S. Sirisumrannukul

4. Voltage sag mitigation by neutral grounding resistance application in distribution system of provincial electricity authority
S. Songsiri and S. Sirisumrannukul

5. Undergrounding the power distribution network in luang prabang world heritage
Asawin Rajakrom

6. Improved control technique of line side converter for doubly fed induction generator wind turbine system under unbalanced voltage conditions
Suksan Wangsathitwong

7. An implementation of d-, q- axis control technique of two-kw single phase grid connected converter for wind turbines
Jirawut Benjanarasut and Bunlung Neammanee

8. Modeling of islanding detection for inverter-based distributed generator using nonlinear system identification approach
N. Patcharaprakiti, K.Tunlasakun, K. Kirtikara, D. Chenvidhya, V. Monyakul, C. Jivacate, B. Muenpinij, J. Saelao, and J.Thongpron

9. Performance comparison of sensor and sensorless active damping lcl filter for grid connected of wind turbine
Surasak Nuilers and Bunlung Neammanee