1. Multi-objective optimal power flow considering system emissions and fuzzy constraints
Keerati Chayakulkheeree and Weerakorn Ongsakul

2. Control performance of a mppt controller with grid connected wind turbine
K. Krajangpan, B. Neammanee and S. Sirisumrannukul

3. On the coordinated control of multiple hvdc links: modal analysis approach
Robert Eriksson and Valerijs Knazkins

4. Optimal placement of sectionalizing switches in radial distribution systems by a genetic algorithm
K. Klinieam and S. Sirisumrannukul

5. Pure butane as refrigerant in domestic refrigerator-freezer
M.A. Sattar, R. Saidur and H.H. Masjuki

6. Sliding mode control for wind turbine with doubly fed induction generators
Watthana Seubkinorn and Bunlung Neammanee