1. Long-term assessment of daily atmospheric nitrogen dioxide in thailand using satellite observed data
Angsumarn Yimlamaid, Kotchakorn Suranowarath, Thongchai Kanabkaew, and Pichnaree Lalitaporn

2. Commercial aircraft emission estimates with 1 km x 1 km resolution: a case of departure flights at suvarnabhumi airport
Weerapong Thanjangreed, and Nares Chuersuwa

3. Observations of atmospheric carbon monoxide and formaldehyde in thailand using satellites
Tipvadee Mekaumnuaychai, Kotchakorn Suranowarath, Thongchai Kanabkaew, and Pichanaree Lalitaporn

4. Estimation of methane emission from solid waste landfill site, savannakhet province, lao pdr
Phoukham Niravanh, and Chalor Jarusutthirak

5. Anammox process in thai wastewater treatment systems (constructed wetland)
Pongsak Noophan, Suwasa Kantawanichkul, and Kasem Chunkao

6. Adsorption efficiency of copper and nickel by activated carbon from coffee ground
On-uma Trakoolsa, Wilasinee Yoochatchaval

7. Removal of norfloxacin antibiotic from aqueous solution by activated carbon prepared from pomelo peel biomass waste by chemical activation
Panida Prarat, Kamolchanok Hadsakunnee, Lucksamee Padejepan, Kanyaruk Prasertboonyai

8. Quantitative trait loci analysis of stele traits of rice (oryza sativa) under well-watered and drought conditions
Suparad Klinsawang, Jonaliza L. Siangliw, Phanchita Vejchasarn, Theerayut Toojinda, and Patompong Saengwilai

9. Productivity, pigment composition and chemical characteristics of kale (brassica oleracea l.) cultivated with different ages of organic nutrient solutions under aggregate hydroponic system
Felix M. Salas, Helen Mae N. Mejia, and Rosario A. Salas

10. Yield and postharvest qualities of two genotypes of eggplant (solanum melongena l.) applied with different levels of chicken dung
Rosario A. Salas, Reyda Mae R. Godoy, Felix M. Salas, Neal Menzies, Stephen Harper, and Victor B. Asio